fumiko imano

somehow somewhere sometimes at some place for some reason

17/October/2020 - 21/November/2020

KOSAKU KANECHIKA is pleased to present fumiko imano’s solo exhibition, “somehow somewhere sometimes at some place for some reason,” from October 17 to November 21, 2020.


Highly acclaimed for her collaborations within fashion, such as her work for LOEWE’s seasonal publication since the brand’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection, imano’s representative work includes a body of unprecedented photomontages. A series of self-portraits taken with a 35mm camera, these images are then cut and pasted to create a twin-like motif. Encapsulating an innocently nostalgic and humorous charm that is reminiscent of photographs that might have been taken during a family trip, imano’s self-portraits elicit an instinctive smile from their viewers. In sharp contrast, the distinct lines which have been cut and joined together by scissors evidently convey the reality of a fictitious nature. Simply created by hand in the current digital age, imano’s photomontages invite a playful yet fresh insight into one’s identity, and an unconventional visual language to convey new stories.


Following her first solo exhibition at KOSAKU KANECHIKA in October 2019, imano has presented this statement in light of her upcoming show—


having gone abroad for the first time after a long interval in 2015, i have been looking for
something, somewhere
such a desire to leave had finally appeared
it was on an autumn morning in 2017 that i leaped up from a message that i had received,
to a faraway place where i had been called to
frequently leaving the small room at my family home, I had finally made my own place
with the unprecedented uneasiness caused by recent events, it is no longer possible to go
about freely
although it is not feasible for the time being
surely, everyone must be thinking this, yet
somehow somewhere sometimes at some place for some reason
there must be a cause for this
all the while, things begin to flow in movement
it is then
that i am here (exposing my identity)
perhaps i have been conveying this all this time
all the while, it is something that i still don’t understand


A synthesis of images from the various places visited overseas since 2016, and works that were taken nearby the artist’s home throughout this past year, this exhibition will showcase approximately 30 works from these varying times. Rarely shown to the public until now, this show will also feature a selection of monochromatic works which have been carefully sewn together with red thread. At this time, we cordially invite you to attend fumiko imano’s solo exhibition, “somehow somewhere sometimes at some place for some reason.”


General information

fumiko imano “somehow somewhere sometimes at some place for some reason”

October 17 - November 21, 2020

11 am-6 pm / Tue, Wed, Thu and Saturday
11 am-8 pm / Friday
Closed on Sun, Mon and National Holidays

TERRADA Art Complex 5F
1-33-10 Higashi-Shinagawa

Free admission

fumiko imano

Born in 1974, fumiko imano lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from ages two to eight. She then went on to study fine arts at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design, and fashion styling and photography at the London College of Fashion. Continuing to publish her works in exhibitions and magazines both domestically and internationally, imano has released a number of works including “We Oui!” (Little Big Man Books, 2017). To date, imano’s work has been featured in numerous publications within Japan and worldwide. Released in September of this year, the artist presented her work once again in the latest issue of LOEWE’s publication, “Publication #32.” Since 2018, imano has collaborated with LOEWE for six consecutive seasons.


  • yo/nyc/2016, 2016

  • liberty/nyc/2016, 2016

  • jwervewolf/nyc/2016, 2016

  • apocalipstick/tokyo/2016, 2016

  • anouky bed/nyc/2016, 2016

  • healing/nyc/2016, 2016

  • sacre coeur/paris/2017, 2017

  • 11rue constance 75018/Paris/2017, 2017

  • saint augustin/paris/2017, 2017