Art Collaboration Kyoto

5/November/2021 - 7/November/2021

KOSAKU KANECHIKA is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Ataru Sato at booth A03 at Art Collaboration Kyoto from November 5 to November 7, 2021.


Sato attempts to understand himself, humanity, and the world around him through the act of drawing or painting. Expressing themes such as obsession, fear, and romance through fine – perhaps excessively fine – pencil lines and distinctive brushwork, Sato emphasizes that his works are created for himself. He sees art as being created by people who are alive to express their lived experiences and has no aspiration to create art for art’s sake, art that is novel, or art that seeks to be meaningful. Sato’s images continually propagate, driven by his need to comprehend the indiscernible aspects of life. Born from a core of personal questions, his work is characterized by a powerful energy that penetrates deeply, leaving a lasting impression on its viewers.


Sato provided the following statement about the exhibition.


The works you see here today are mainly pieces that I exhibited in Brussels in 2019. Though I don’t clearly recall what I was going through at that time, when I look at these images, I get a good understanding of what I was thinking. The works you see here are entries in a visual diary of the senses. I feel it was this act of journaling and relieving me of my daily unease that allowed me to somehow make it to today.


This exhibition presents a total of 35 works, consisting of paintings, drawings, paper collages, and a painted box, all of which are being exhibited in Japan for the first time, alongside Sato’s works on porcelain plates.


General information

Art Collaboration Kyoto

Ataru Sato

November 5, 2021 - November 7, 2021

Kyoto International Conference Center Event Hall




  • Ataru Sato
    Tomorrow, 2019

  • Ataru Sato
    Unfixed, 2019

  • Ataru Sato
    Ananas, 2019

  • Ataru Sato
    Daydream, 2019

  • Ataru Sato
    Over the rainbow, 2019

  • Ataru Sato
    Afternoon, 2019

  • Ataru Sato
    Neko, 2019

  • Ataru Sato
    Catastrophe, 2019

  • Ataru Sato
    Sincerely, 2019